Robert Crawford

Buried Treasure - No Treasure Maps


“We are all gifted. That is our inheritance.”

Ethel Waters


Treasure Dug Up In Uncle Fred's Backyard  - Copy 3.jpg

Treasure dug up in Uncle Fred's backyard, now adorning my office wall.


Buried Treasure – No Treasure Maps

by Robert Crawford

You talk about the big dig, well my Dad told us this story about a big dig!

While most people place their hard-earned savings in a safe place, my Dad's Uncle Fred had his own idea of a safe place. Since he was a product of the great depression and hated banks, he found a better safety net for his old empty coffee tin cans buried in his back yard.   As time went by he buried lots of cans, but he was sure of the exact location of each. Realizing his memory was fading he wrote in his will, "not sure where your inheritance is anymore so just grab a shovel and start digging up the back yard."

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