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Cornerstones Of A Great Retirement

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST, RLP® as seen in the Patriot Ledger

The time to worry about retirement isn’t when you retire. The shaping of that retirement vision actually starts the day you start your first job. On that job you begin to find out what you like and don’t like to do as an adult supporting yourself. According to successful retirees, the most important ingredient of a great retirement is how you spend your time. These retirees have frequently said that they didn’t retire from a career or a job; they moved on to something else. The happiest do what they love, and rarely have a day where there is time to fill.

Honoring Our Leaders…..

by Carol Duschinsky, LPL Registered Administrative Assistant

This week by tradition we set aside one day to honor our nation’s leaders, past and present. Besides it possibly being a day off of work and a long week-end, have you ever considered what a weighty job this is? A CEO of a major company is considered the leader of that company. He is paid handsomely to take the company in a growth direction and meet all of the company’s goals and objectives. Are our nation’s Presidents paid handsomely? The answer is no! Do they work with a team that is cohesive and of the same culture as the objectives to be met? The answer is again no. Do they need to sacrifice their personal life during their tenure on the job? That answer is yes. This job isn’t sounding so wonderful is it? So why do they do it? That is what I am going to think about on this President’s Day.

Keep an eye out for tax documents

by John Napolitano CFP®,CPA,PFS,MST,RLP® as seen in the Patriot Ledger

By now most of you have seen many important tax documents arrive in your mailbox. To make this onslaught of paperwork most efficient, consider the filing of these documents as the first step in the process of preparing your 2014 taxes. Gather them all in the same place so that you are certain that nothing falls through the cracks of your kitchen counters.

Diversification of Another Sort

by Carol Duschinsky, LPL Registered Administrative Assistant

This past week-end was mine and my husband Armand's 34th wedding anniversary.  As always what to do to celebrate became my mental priority. The week-end before we had gone out to dinner to an Italian Restaurant serving Northern Italian. On Sundays all wine is half-price which gives you the opportunity to experiment with really pricey wines at a reasonable cost. After dinner we went to the Alex Theater to see a tribute to the Nicholas Brothers. It was a great evening out, so I was opting to spend our anniversary night at home. But what to cook? We had had steak, fish, chicken, pasta during the week. What could I add to my cooking portfolio? I needed diversification!

Converting to a Roth IRA may make sense

by John Napolitano CFP®,CPA,PFS,MST,RLP® as seen in the Patriot Ledger

Most high wage earners understand that they cannot contribute to a Roth IRA because their income is too high to qualify. Yet few realize that converting to a Roth sometime before age 71 may have long term tax advantages.

The best candidates are taxpayers who have other non-qualified assets to draw upon and those who would love to leave these retirement accounts to the next generation or to their grandchildren.

Money & Emotion

by Michael Velazquez, CFP®, CPA, PFS

It is hard to deny that money is an emotional subject. It can cause hardship. It can be liberating. It can be a source of frustration. Yet it can't buy happiness. It won't make you smarter, or better looking. "Can't buy me love" sang the Beatles. They were right.

What about time? Can money buy you more time? No it cannot. We have seen many examples of people who are money rich and time poor. They are enslaved by their assets, or they worked so hard to achieve success that they did not enjoy the journey. I would argue that life is about the journey. Yet some people are so concerned with their ROI (Return on Investment) they forget the ROL (Return on Life).

Irrevocable can be a good thing

by John Napolitano CFP®,CPA,PFS,MST,RLP® as seen in the Patriot Ledger

When it comes to implementing an estate plan, the word irrevocable is frequently part of the conversation. While it may sound scary to do anything irrevocable, in estate planning are several instances where it may make sense.

The first of these would be for asset protection purposes. When assets are left outright to heirs, these assets are free for the heirs to do whatever they want. While that may make sense in many cases, let me highlight a few where it may not be optimal.

A Sunrise Remembrance

by Robert D. Crawford, MBA

As dawn breaks, vivid hues are revealed; ever changing purple, red, orange erupt on the horizon. It’s the dawn of a new day with new hopes, new dreams, new aspirations and new challenges. 

Morning sunrises are a very inspirational time, and it reminds me that there are police officers, firemen, and the many military personnel each standing watch to serve our families, friends, neighbors in communities throughout our nation.  They often burn the midnight oil, working long, sometimes hazardous shifts.  Their work is often forgotten and under recognized, but they work hard and diligently to serve our communities and provide protection, safety, and freedom.

Many years ago I served our country, as a Naval Flight Officer. It was a privilege to serve our great nation, just as many others veterans have done.  My job, as Mission Commander onboard a P-3b Orion aircraft build by Lockheed in Burbank was to manage our surface and subsurface surveillance operations.  Our squadron’s surveillance missions were conducted throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans.  The missions were often lengthy, sometimes 12 to 14 hours in the air not to mention mission pre-flight of the aircraft and mission post flight debrief at the command center. 

But the absolute most amazing part of any flight especially those that lasted into the early morning hours was the breathtaking sunrises that our crew would witness. Many missions lasted throughout the night and into the early morning hours and as the sun arose its rays could be seen dancing off the water below our aircraft, the rays light the clouds and the clouds seemed to be on fire.  Each unique cloud formation was painted with such vivid and evolving colors.  Truly it was spectacular to view.

Financial planning for adult children

by John Napolitano CFP®,CPA,PFS,MST,RLP® as seen in the Patriot Ledger

Even though they may still be living under your roof and on your “payroll”, children over age 18 are of legal age and should tend to some very basic planning matters. This applies to your youngster studying abroad, at Amherst or even more so to those already living on their own and in the real world.

"My what big eyes you have!" …. "The better to see you with my dear!"

by Carol Duschinsky LPL Financial Registered Administrative Assistant

Yes, the better to see you with, said the Big Bad Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood. But who is looking at you? The answer is everybody. You leave an electronic footprint almost every second of the day. And this is only the beginning of our technology history. In recording our personal data we are only at the covered wagon stage, coming next the train stage, then the airplane stage, then in the future… I can only imagine. But what does this mean to us? Well to the people who want your identity reading those "footprints" will lead them directly to your persona. I am not talking the sophisticated techie here who can crack encrypted computer codes, that is another story. So if not from computer hacking how does the identity thief get your information? Ready for a surprise? The answer is from you. Want to know how? Let me show you.

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